A patient’s personal story for trying BOTOX

before and after forehead wrinkles

My grandmother was not one to express outwardly any negative thoughts or feelings except for one – her wrinkles.

I vividly remember on more than one occasion her turning to me and saying, “if there’s one thing I could change in my old age, it would be to do something about these wrinkles!”. Together we would laugh it off until one day in my early thirties. I looked in the mirror and the wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyebrows seemed to have appeared overnight!

I knew of BOTOX® and had heard of Dysport, but quite honestly had a bit of a negative mindset about them. I didn’t want to look like I had “had work done” and I wanted to still be able to move my face and show expression.

After a few searches online of the potential results and complications as well as local providers, I ultimately decided on Sutton Dermatology & Aesthetics. I made an appointment for a “see and do”.

I’ll admit, I was nervous going into my appointment. I had done my research and seen amazing results online, but the images of complications were also top of mind.

Any anxiety I had quickly diminished walking into their South Clinic and meeting one of their master injectors Rebecca Reinke, PA-C. The facility felt ‘safe’ and every interaction from check-in to check-out was (and still is!) personal and professional.

The “see and do” appointment type was perfect for me. I knew I wanted BOTOX®, but I wasn’t sure how much may be needed or really what to expect as far as results. Rebecca patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions.  She provided recommendations for my treatment areas and talked me through each step. Then it was injection time! This step of the appointment was seamless and fast.

Rebecca and all of Sutton’s providers have an impeccable understanding of facial anatomy and years of training and experience. And because of this, I felt confident in the placement and amount of each injection.

To say I am pleased with the results would be an understatement. I have returned to Rebecca and also had my most recent BOTOX® treatment done by Kait Matthes PA-C, another master injector in the Sutton Aesthetics Center.

One of the best outcomes of making the leap to get BOTOX® was that Rebecca and Kait have not only helped me with the vanity side of the appearance of my skin, they have also helped me with a broader issue.

During conversation with Rebecca at an appointment, it came up that I clench my teeth – she noted that BOTOX® could help relax the masseter muscles of the jaw and help reduce the discomfort coming from teeth clenching. I can not thank Rebecca enough for this recommendation. Two weeks after that treatment I felt a difference and over the next few weeks the appearance of my jaw line was also looking slimmed – all thanks to the BOTOX® treatment.

It’s your time. Let 2022 be the year you try something new. If you have been considering BOTOX® or have some insecurities with your own wrinkles or skin tone and texture make your appointment with a provider at Sutton Dermatology & Aesthetics. Each one is trained, experienced, and compassionate and is anxious to meet with you to help boost your confidence through natural looking results.


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