Written by Stephanie Sutton, M.D. –

Let’s dive into men’s skin care health. There are ways in which men’s skin care priorities are different than women’s skin care health and ways in which they are similar.

Unlike women, men often don’t wear makeup on their face. This can make it more difficult to conceal blemishes and redness. Preventing and treating acne as well as general redness can feel even more important to some men since they don’t have an easy way to hide skin lesions or color imbalances. Freckles and age spots can appear more noticeable on men’s faces.

Receding hairlines or a bald or shaved head for men can pose challenges for skin maintenance and sun protection. This skin can be extra sensitive if it hasn’t been previously exposed to sun. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your scalp or wear a hat to protect the skin on top of the head, forehead, and temples.

Skin cancers can present in different locations for men and women. Melanoma is more often found on the head, neck, and back for men. These locations are difficult for a person to see on their own and monitor. For women, melanoma is often found on the arms and legs.

Rosacea presents in different locations for men and women. Men are more likely to have rosacea symptoms on the nose whereas women present with rosacea symptoms more frequently on cheeks and the chin. Rosacea is more common in women but can present more severely in men.

Many men shave their face often whereas women shave their legs and underarms. Shaving can lead to patches of folliculitis, dry skin, and dermatitis in patients with sensitive skin. Finding the right razors and shaving cream that don’t irritate your skin is important. We offer a product to help calm and soothe the skin as well as reduce the appearance of redness, fine lines, puffiness, and pore size after shaving called Sutton Ageless After the Shave for Men.

Men can feel pressure to have tan bodies just like women. Remember the importance of sun protection such as sunscreen and clothing with UPF to prevent skin cancers, wrinkles, and other skin aging. Consider artificial bronzers or spray tans if you are desiring a tanned look. Many sunscreens are tinted and provide a bronzed appearance. And don’t forget that you look good just the way you are!

Men experience wrinkles and aging skin just like women. Botox injections can improve wrinkles on the face. Collagen injections can improve sagging skin or areas of thinning. Laser treatments can improve imperfections.

Oily skin can affect men as well as women. We offer products specifically designed for men including Sutton Ageless The Toner for Men which contains treatment pads that promote smoother skin and gently exfoliates and removes oils and residue on the skin. Other men have dry skin and moisturizers can be applied to keep the skin hydrated.

Dandruff can affect everyone. Flaking and scaling of the scalp can be uncomfortable and unsightly.  For those of you who experience dandruff, we recommend utilizing a shampoo such as Head and Shoulders or Sutton Ageless The Hair Care which prevents common scaling disorders of the scalp.

Schedule an appointment with a dermatology provider at Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics to address any of these areas. Consider a consultation with the aesthetics center to find skincare products or procedures to improve your skin health and appearance.

Stephanie Sutton, MD, is a contributing author to the Sutton Dermatology Blog. Stephanie Sutton is a psychiatrist and she focuses on wellness.


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