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The Top 5 Ways to Combat Dry Skin

It’s a new year! 2019 has arrived. But that also means we are in the heart of winter. Nebraskan winters can be hard on one’s skin. Here is a list of the top 5 ways to combat dry skin: 5. A nice hot shower sounds enticing, but don’t be fooled. Very hot showers can...

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Thank You

We understand that Aesthetic patients have many choices these days.  So we want to thank the Aesthetic patients of Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics for choosing us.  As a thank you to our patients we pledge that we will continue to be the experts in skin and in skin...

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CoolSculpting- Experience Matters

In 2015 Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics brought Coolsculpting technology to Lincoln.  Since then we have treated hundreds of satisfied patients in areas such as abdomen, flanks, upper arms, chin, thighs, and more.  Being the first practice to offer this technology...

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Our Newest Product Line…. Sutton Ageless FOR MEN

Men are considered rough and tough but their skin requires as much care as women’s do. It is all about getting into good habits with good products. When you cleanse and moisturize daily, you are feeding your skin with nutrients that build healthy cells.  The...

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Sutton Ageless Products

Sutton Aesthetics now offers Microblading!

Sutton Aesthetics is excited to offer Microblading which creates eyebrows shaped and defined to fit your individual needs. Microblading, a cosmetic tattoo artistry, involves the manual method of implanting pigment into the skin to produce crisp hair strokes that...

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The next- generation of medical grade facials: Dermalinfusion

The Dermalinfusion facial is considered to be the next-generation of medical grade facials that could be referred to as a “wet abrasion.” It exfoliates the skin and at the same time infuses treatment serums formulated for treating specific skin conditions. After...

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The New Men’s Line: Skincare Designed for Men

Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics has introduced five new products designed for men. Here is a list of the curated products for men and when to use them.   When you want to feel fresh: After The Shave Apply this lightweight and easy-to-use serum after you shave...

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Overview of BOTOX/Dysport

BOTOX®/Dysport® injections are our most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and are highly effective in reducing wrinkles.

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