Written by Michelle Fink, MA

Now that you’re on a fabulous medical grade product regimen, do you feel a bit overwhelmed as to the order they should be applied?

Well, here is our recommendation for the product lines we carry.


Skin Medica:

  1. Cleanse                                                                                        AM/PM
  2. Any prescription products given by your dermatologist  AM/PM as directed
  3. Growth factors/antioxidants                                                 AM/PM (TNS ES or TNS Recovery Complex/Vitamin C & E)
  4. “Get even with skin discoloration” (Lytera 2.0)                 AM/PM
  5. Retinoid  (Tretinoin, ReFissa, Differin, Tazorac)                     /PM
  6. Hyaluronic acid for hydration (HA 5)                                  AM/PM
  7. Moisturizer (Dermal Repair)                                                  AM/PM as needed
  8. SPF (Total Defense & Repair, SPF 50)                                 AM/


  1. Gentle Cleanser/Foaming Gel                                 AM/PM
  2. Toner                                                                            AM/PM
  3. Clear (hydroquinone)                                               AM/PM
  4. Exfoderm/Exfoderm Forte (antiaging)                 AM/
  5. Blender/Tretinoin (hydroquinone/retinoid)             /PM
  6. Hydrate (moisturizer)                                               AM/PM as needed
  7. SunShield SPF 50                                                      AM/


Sutton Ryan Ageless:

  1. Gentle Cleanser/Purifying Cleanser          AM/PM
  2. C-R-S  (antioxidant w/growth factor)       AM/PM
  3. Total Eye Repair                                            AM/PM
  4. AHA 15% Cream (antiaging)                              /PM
  5. Restorative Pro Therapy (moisturizer)     AM/PM
  6. Daily Moisturizer SPF 30                            AM/

Congratulations on choosing to insure the health of your skin with our medical grade skin care products!!

We would love for you to schedule a consultation so we can customize the products to suit your specific needs or please visit our website to order online and have them shipped right to your door!



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