Aesthetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular among male patients.  In the ten year period from 2006 to 2016, for male patients there was a 50% increase in Botox injections, a 40% increase in minimally invasive procedures, and a 230% increase in filling material treatments.*  At Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics we not only welcome our male aesthetic patients, we have developed a skin care line especially for them.

THE CLEANSE:  used to wash the face twice a day, this is a non-irritating cleanser with the added benefit of antioxidants (anti-aging.)

AFTER THE SHAVE:  with more antioxidants, this calming and moisturizing step reduces redness while improving tone and texture.

THE SUN GUARD:  specifically chosen for its non-greasy feel this broad spectrum sunscreen is a favorite.

THE AGE DEFENSE:  applied to a clean, dry face at bedtime, this is a powerful package of anti-aging ingredients.

With continued use, one should expect help with dry skin, improved tone, texture, and brown spots, and prevention of sun damage.  Enjoy 15% savings when purchasing these products in a package.

Written by Margaret Kontras Sutton, M.D.

*Resource: Dermatology Times Nov. 2017



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